Friday, September 9, 2011

Wildfire Clouds

A southern California wildfire filled the sky with smoke one afternoon recently. It was Friday afternoon, work traffic mixed with holiday traffic to Las Vegas on the busy freeway. Mr. Fun and I took a back way through the other side of the mountain where our little cottage lies and stopped at a mountain restaurant for dinner. We figured it would be crowded with the extra traffic of people like us taking the different route home. The restaurant was nearly empty. Nice and relaxing.
A friend commented that wildfires can have a good effect on the land, that it's nature's way of bringing new growth again. With this thought I'm also reminded of how my grandmother would put iron skillets in the fire to purify them. When we go through the fire in situations of life, as the Bible describes with "fiery darts" that come, we are tried for our good. Even gold and silver are refined and purified in fire.

Although wildfires are the cause of these sunset photos I took that day of the wildfires, I'm amazed at the beauty, the magnificent color. And for Pink Saturday that I'm linking to, I've included the last three photos with the pretty pink hues.


Cindy said...

I used to live in California, so I'm always interested in photos and stories about my former "home state." It's nice to think of something postive coming from the wildfires, it's true. The pink in the sky in the third photo from the bottom is SO pretty! P.S. Thank you for following my blog!

chubskulit said...


Hope you can peek at my PINK post, have a blessed Sunday!