Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cottage Contentment

September 1st at Southwest Cottage Designs
Latest news at the cottage:
Sometimes it's not the time to decorate but to be content with the way things are. That is how life is at my cottage currently. Content is enjoying watching the two new kittens the mama cat produced awhile back. I'm surprised she didn't take them to another home somewhere across the street or to the empty field to hide them like she usually does. I love to watch them chase each other, grab their mother's tail, curiously sneak up to the food bowl as their mother devours the food.
There is the square foot garden and the kitchen tomato and pepper garden. This is my first square foot garden, and it has been a learning experience. The best thing about it is that three yellow summer squash are growing, one is almost ready to eat, and a small eggplant is growing. My tomatoes are growing tall and out and anywhere they can get to, and there are many. No peppers yet, and no cucumbers yet.
And then there are the flowers, looking beat from the heat of the summer. Let's not forget the ants. Every time I water the flowers, ants won't leave me alone. One good thing - they aren't fire ants! My favorite flowers right now are the ones growing in the big concrete planter near my porch. They're the first flowers I see when I walk out the door and the last ones I see when going inside - white, pink, and so refreshing to see.
Kitten Peeking Out

Kitchen Tomato Garden

Pink and White Mixed Flowers
Porch Planter

I'm looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend. Be safe!

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Pat said...

Gardens and kitties - lots to be content about! Have a great holiday weekend.

Dayle said...

What a cute kitten. And your impatiens are beautiful. One of my favorite flowers.

Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

two of my favorite things hehe. adorable kitten :)