Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Today after church my husband and I went to lunch with our friends. The discussion led to the pastor's lesson about Paul's journey into Corinth and our comfort zones. The lesson was about the world's wisdom versus God's power. When God directs us into an area that is opposite from what we're comfortable with, we feel edgy, weak, and not so wise. But God knows best, and His power is above our earthly wisdom. "Greater is He than He that is in the world."
You know how it feels when God gets us out of our comfort zones. It seems like when I go through times like that, the rains will come. I'm always in awe of God's promise with the rainbow. He doesn't forget His promises to us. God is an awesome God!
I'm joining Spiritual Sundays.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Cottage Update

January 2011 has started off with much busyness at Southwest Cottage Designs! Allow me a moment to fill you in with my cottage update.

Have you heard of Phantom Seven? It's a collection of memoirs from WWII veterans who were formerly involved in a WWII underground army or OSS (forerunner to CIA) members who decoded and encoded top-secret messages during WWII. My father is one of these WWII veterans.

Phantom Seven is about to be released! That is why I've been super busy this month. Pre-orders for this book have begun. (To pre-order a copy, visit my website at

An interesting phenomenon of Phantom Seven is the lifetime marriages by these men and their spouses that lasted over 50 years - and mostly over 60 years! The women have been like you and me - their families and homes held priority over everything else. One of those women was my mother. How I miss her! She lost the battle with cancer almost three years ago. I loved to hear her and my dad talk about their courtship, their  letters during the war, and their many experiences through the years.

Mother was an excellent seamstress and a fabulous decorator; and she was the best cook! Nine years of my married life were spent in an RV. While I traveled with my husband and daughter, ministering in churches across America, my mom would send special things to make my RV home a little more comfortable. For instance, once she sent me a little washer for washing small clothes. Another time, she sent me a microwavable container with a lid to cook vegetables in. I still have both items and cherish them.

Decorating a cottage, a home, is all about making our homes pleasant and inviting to our families and friends. When I think of home, I think of comfort, family, love. I am grateful to the Phantom Seven men and women who set an amazing example of love and loyalty to family.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow in January

The holidays have passed, and snow has appeared. After several days off from my blogging through Christmas, anniversary, and the flu, the snow has brought the freshness of the new year.
               There's a road somewhere!

 My Cactus Garden

 I love this tree!

One of the oldest cacti.

It's another new beginning - JANUARY! It has a nice sound. Could it be because it represents a new start? Or, maybe it's because that's my birthday month. Hmm. Either one sounds good to me.