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Like to learn more about blogging and writing? I began a website in 2009 focused on my book, Phantom Seven. The website's focus has broadened since then and includes information on my blogs and services that I offer to beginning bloggers. Some bloggers prefer to pay a professional to design their websites. However, others choose the DIY method of setting up a blog or website. I chose that route and have learned valuable information.

Do you enjoy WWII nonfiction or personal espionage stories? Pre-order Phantom Seven, the collection of WWII and Office of Strategic Services (OSS) stories by veterans I've been honored to be personally acquainted with. Hurry and pre-order for only $23.99 (+ S/H) before the book is released in the summer of 2011. Go here to order your book today.

High Desert Blogging is a blog about High Desert individuals, places, and events in the high desert of So Cal. Go here to read more.

Collect cookbooks, like to cook, love sharing and receiving new and different recipes? Visit my kitchen blog that focuses on cooking, recipes, cookbooks, vegetable gardening, and kitchen decor.