Saturday, February 15, 2014

Celebrating Valentine's Day with My Dolls

Did you know that Valentine's Day cards are second on the list of most popular seasonal cards sold every year?

When my daughter, Chrissie, was growing up, I always tried to make sure she had fun on Valentine's Day. Our family was involved in a church ministry that required us to travel twelve months out of the year. No matter where we were, though, Valentine's Day was a priority on my list of days to celebrate with my little daughter. 

During our travels, friends or relatives would occasionally give Chrissie a doll. She has a collection in one of the bedrooms in my parents' home in the country. Such sweet memories.

Now that Chrissie is married and has a daughter of her own, I am continuing the Valentine's Day tradition. Since I couldn't be with them on the sweetheart day, I sent money and told Chrissie to take my granddaughter (who is one year old) shopping and let her pick out whatever she wants - a teddy bear, doll, or toy. They visited a gift shop, and the sweet baby girl pointed in a certain direction. The shopkeeper asked, "Oh, do you like the dolls?" She did. In fact, she liked two of them and wanted them both. She and her mommy chose the one with the pink, perfect for her Valentine's gift from Grandmommy. The doll is bigger than my sweetie granddaughter (yes, I did get a picture to show off!).
Pink Baby Doll for my Sweetie Granddaughter on Valentine's Day
Enjoying Valentine's Day with my dolls, Chrissie, her baby girl, and the new doll in pink, is part of my cottage living. Whether you celebrate with family near or afar, what matters is that you create loving family traditions that will be remembered. 

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pink Polka Dot Boots

I love little girls' boots in gardens. Bright pink ones with polka dots. I had seen some in pictures and knew that one day I would see some at a yard sale, and I'd grab them for my garden. Yard sale after yard sale, no pink boots with polka dots showed up. But determination kept me looking. Finally, I went to a yard sale with my hubby, and guess what. I saw a pink boot in a box. Two would really be nice, I thought, so digging in boxes and throw-away piles I went. Surprise, surprise. More pink! I found the other boot. Now I have the cutest little girls' pink boots - and they have polka dots.

Not sure how flower-planting in the boots was going to turn out, I took my chance. In addition,, I stuck an old sink I'd found at a moving sale into the ground beside the boots. Something so small as planting flowers in odd sinks and little girls' boots bring the biggest joy to me.

Of course, I couldn't resist inserting the photo with my kitty, Patches. She was so curious about the boots and all that I was doing. Patches is another small thing that brings a big joy to my heart. She is a tiny thing and has the whiniest little kitty-cat meow. She loves to be held and petted - and loves my garden nearly as much as I do I think.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kittens on a Pink Bench

I have a cottage cabin in a high desert area. This little cottage is a work in progress. Recently, Mr. Fun put up some siding that was much needed. Yesterday it rained, an uncommon occurrence in our area. When it rains, the dirt gets crunchy and makes things look even dirtier - like my little pink bench.

A little history on that little pink bench

We have a table with two benches that we inherited with the cottage. They were white but looking awfully shabby. Okay, I know the French Shabby look is in, but these had paint peeling and desperately needed a fresh touch of paint. Surprising me, Mr. Fun painted the benches with white paint...he thought. When he looked closer, he realized he had painted the little benches with a very light pink paint. I love them! They not only provide a practical bench for my garden supplies for my flower, vegetable, and kitchen gardens. They are adorably cute! This morning I was leaving for one of my blog class sessions that I teach when I noticed two of our little kittens perched on top of one of the little pink benches, the one beside the new siding. Of course, I had to stop and take a picture or two. Speaking of cute! Normally after a rain, I hurry to the flowers to see if there are any lingering raindrops. That always fascinates me. But this morning the two little kittens on the pink bench outranked my raindrop flowers for once.

Oh, and today is Mr. Fun's birthday! Happy Birthday to my other half I've been married to for 33 years. Find more of his fun upcycled crafts where he blogs at

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