Friday, September 30, 2011

Pink Office

Search your office for pink, and see how many things you can come up with. This morning I went on a mission in my office and found five pink items to take a picture of. I love pink but didn't realize how much I liked it until I found out about the Pink Saturday party. Colors inspire us and affect our moods in various ways. These are the fun pink things I found on my pink picture stroll this morning:
Makes you want to drink water!

A recent gift from a friend.

I love my little camera case and pink note pad.

And last, my "Angela" notes that remind me not to be impatient and not to waste time while waiting.

 I hope you've enjoyed this pink office tour and would love to have you visit again soon. Have a happy day!
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Painting a Shutter on a Shoestring

Something about Friday, September 23rd being the official day of fall made me want to paint. I had three or four cans of spray paint - one white, one dark red, one primer white, and one gray. Also in my paint supply were three craft acrylic paint bottles - a dark red, a copper glitter, and a cream. The interesting thing about all of these paint cans and bottles is they were all either half full or almost empty. I decided to use them all except the gray spray can. Supplies I used amounted to two sponges, one foam brush, and a Styrofoam plate to mix the acrylics. After all, it's fall, and that is my favorite season of the year. The holidays are around the corner. This time of year is enjoyable and exciting, and it's a time to get creative! I had picked up this hinged shutter that looked pathetically drab, but I knew I'd find a place for it. After I brought it home, I spray painted one side of it, though it needed another coat. I lost the inspiration for finishing it because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it yet. So I set it aside - until Saturday. Out came all the containers of paint and supplies. I had no idea what the outcome would be. When my hubby walked over to view the funny-looking multi-colors of paint on the shutter, I think he thought I'd gone a little crazy. He was cool about it, though, and didn't dare say much.
The outcome:
Weathered Painted Look

...with a "WELCOME the season of wonder" sign added...

and perfect for my patio garden theme in this kitchen corner!

 Allow me to leave you with this interesting note about the WELCOME sign. I found this vintage tin sign at an antique shop for $5. Since we've been slowly working on our cottage cabin fixer upper, I tried not to add much on the walls. That's why this little sign got tucked inside the little corner cabinet. Now the funny thing is that it's been there for months. After I brought the painted shutter in the kitchen, situated it, and pushed the cabinet back against it, I placed the tin sign back into its original position seen in this picture. My husband walked into the kitchen and started laughing at the sign's words, especially the second line "the season of wonder." Our experience with this fixer upper has turned into just that - a season of wonder as in: "Wonder what we will do with this?" or "Wonder how we will get through this?" The way I tend to respond to wanting to do, fix, or buy something that is difficult or costs more than what is available is not "I can't" but "How can I?" I don't give up easily but am persistent when I see potential in an idea, item, writing a book, or in this case - a fixer upper.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Make Rag, Braided, and Hooked Rugs

Look for braided, rag, or hooked rugs in your antique and second-hand shops. I've found a variety of inexpensive colorful vintage rag rugs at antique shops. A trend you may see in the fall is hooked rugs. If you've never made a hooked rug, it is fun and easy. I've made one long ago, though I think making a rag rug could be even easier. Since I posted about rag rugs, other bloggers have mentioned how they would like to learn to make a rag rug. Rag rugs or hooked rugs can be fun to make to add to your own home or give as a holiday gift.
My mother and aunt made braided rugs years ago out of sheets. They would find old white sheets and dye them the colors they liked. Then they tore the sheets into long strips and braided the strips. I especially favor the heart-shaped braided rug in the Jack and Jill bath of my parents' country home. The braided rug can also be used like the rag rug for alternative uses such as these:

Can't find the colors you're looking for? Get creative, and make your own. Use this easy tutorial:

Hooked Rug Tutorial:

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Happy Hump-Day! The middle of the week. Halfway to the weekend. A favorite day of many, yet every day we can think of something good. One of my favorite Bible verses since I was a teen is:

Philippians 4:8

Viewing the 1769 King James Version. 

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rugs, Rag Rugs, Red Rugs and Pink

Rag rugs add color to a room. I like pinks and reds in a rag rug. Last weekend I stopped by Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures, definitely an enchanting place. When I go there, it makes me feel like a little girl walking into her huge playhouse. The shop is filled with treasures in each room. Walk out the back door, and step outside to another enchanting world of vintage. It's like a house set up outdoors. I found a red-and-multi-colored rag rug runner for less than $10.00 in the outdoor vintage area on this last visit. It didn't take me long to find just the spot for it:
Newest Rag Rug from Linda Marie's
 Notice all the rugs happen to have pink...
Rag Rug with Pink

 ...and the black fringe I so love on this little rug...
Love this Pink and Black with an Array of Other Colors
 Join me at Fabulous Friday Hop where I'm honored to be a guest! You know how you experience days when you need an extra boost of inspiration? I found that extra boost when I met this sweet hostess of Fabulous Friday Hop. She has a blog full of interesting and helpful insights that anyone can benefit from. And Happy Friday to you.
Saturday, I hope you'll join me over at Pink Saturday also. This is another inspiring site each week with pink ideas and lovelies.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Five Home Cash Flow Ideas

How can homeowners struggling to meet high mortgage payments in this economy turn their homes into cash flow?
Have you ever considered this idea? When thousands or more Americans are struggling, seeking jobs, facing foreclosure, are there any options other than the typical loan modification that a homeowner might not even qualify for?
Most women want a home of their own. We like to decorate our homes to make our families feel cozy and cook delicious, healthy meals to satisfy our families. But what happens when a financial crisis hits? What happens if there isn't enough money saved for a crisis like losing a job? It happens. Usually when it does, most Americans are not prepared for it because they live from paycheck to paycheck.
Here are a few cash flow ideas that I've read of homeowners creating:
  • Sell plants if you're a green thumb.
  • Teach a class on what you know how to do.
  • Write articles and submit them online.
  • Blog for money.
  • Start a tutoring business in your home.
Have more ideas? Add to the list. It may inspire someone who reads this. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering on September 11

God bless America! God bless the families of American heroes, those whom we shall always remember from that never-to-be-forgotten day of September 11, 2001.

Where were you that day? What were you doing when you heard the news? My husband, daughter, and I were staying in our RV in Wisconsin at a church where my husband was speaking. The pastor's wife came over to the church and told us what had just happened. I felt shock. It didn't seem real. The attack shattered American families and friends of loved ones never to be seen again. America was forever to be affected by the horror of such evil. 
Mickey Mangun... 

Today, Honor the Creator!
Today, Honor America!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wildfire Clouds

A southern California wildfire filled the sky with smoke one afternoon recently. It was Friday afternoon, work traffic mixed with holiday traffic to Las Vegas on the busy freeway. Mr. Fun and I took a back way through the other side of the mountain where our little cottage lies and stopped at a mountain restaurant for dinner. We figured it would be crowded with the extra traffic of people like us taking the different route home. The restaurant was nearly empty. Nice and relaxing.
A friend commented that wildfires can have a good effect on the land, that it's nature's way of bringing new growth again. With this thought I'm also reminded of how my grandmother would put iron skillets in the fire to purify them. When we go through the fire in situations of life, as the Bible describes with "fiery darts" that come, we are tried for our good. Even gold and silver are refined and purified in fire.

Although wildfires are the cause of these sunset photos I took that day of the wildfires, I'm amazed at the beauty, the magnificent color. And for Pink Saturday that I'm linking to, I've included the last three photos with the pretty pink hues.

Garden Comfort

I feel like I have a tomato plant jungle growing just outside my kitchen window. Yesterday afternoon when I came home I eagerly picked out a few red tomatoes and - finally - my yellow summer squash. I was quite excited. It seems like my life has been a whirlwind whirlwinds slamming against me for the last month. When things get difficult in life, rejoice! It works! I don't know about you, but reaping vegetables from my garden simply makes me feel giddy with joy. I needed that boost of joy yesterday evening. Let me share some of the photos I took:

May you enjoy a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend, my blogging friends.When Fridays come, I rejoice. I love every day, 
but I especially love the weekends. 
Happy Friday to you! 

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jump Rope Fun at the Cottage

Jump rope fun is my kind of fun.
 Take a moment away from your cottage decorating and designing for a laugh...
Every cottage needs a jump rope for the children. When I was a young girl, I loved playing with my jump rope. I was either swinging, jump roping, or riding my bicycle. A friend of my brothers came by to visit my brothers one day. The story goes that they needed a rope to fix something. That was the last I saw of my jump rope. My memory is that I became immediately extremely upset with my brothers allowing their friend to use my jump rope. You'd think they would have bought me a new one! :)
Speaking of jump ropes, last night my husband showed me this funny You Tube video of a couple pretending to have a rope. I laughed and laughed. Enjoy:
Go buy you a jump rope, and have some fun!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Vintage Finds

Rug decorating intrigues me. Do you notice rugs when you shop at antique stores? What can you do with a rug? How do you decorate with rugs? I'd be interested in knowing your uses for rugs.  
This is my Labor Day weekend vintage rug find 
- and a magazine to boot:

When I brought the cutesy little rug home, I placed it on a shelf on my baker's rack under a rose painting. The sweet thing about this rug is that it is handmade and even has the handmade tag. The back of the rug looks as nice as the front side. 
Rugs are fun. Another small rug I purchased awhile back I'm currently using in the center of a kitchen table. Naturally, of course, other rugs I like for the floor. 

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cottage Contentment

September 1st at Southwest Cottage Designs
Latest news at the cottage:
Sometimes it's not the time to decorate but to be content with the way things are. That is how life is at my cottage currently. Content is enjoying watching the two new kittens the mama cat produced awhile back. I'm surprised she didn't take them to another home somewhere across the street or to the empty field to hide them like she usually does. I love to watch them chase each other, grab their mother's tail, curiously sneak up to the food bowl as their mother devours the food.
There is the square foot garden and the kitchen tomato and pepper garden. This is my first square foot garden, and it has been a learning experience. The best thing about it is that three yellow summer squash are growing, one is almost ready to eat, and a small eggplant is growing. My tomatoes are growing tall and out and anywhere they can get to, and there are many. No peppers yet, and no cucumbers yet.
And then there are the flowers, looking beat from the heat of the summer. Let's not forget the ants. Every time I water the flowers, ants won't leave me alone. One good thing - they aren't fire ants! My favorite flowers right now are the ones growing in the big concrete planter near my porch. They're the first flowers I see when I walk out the door and the last ones I see when going inside - white, pink, and so refreshing to see.
Kitten Peeking Out

Kitchen Tomato Garden

Pink and White Mixed Flowers
Porch Planter

I'm looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend. Be safe!

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