Monday, November 28, 2011

Hide-the-Clutter Kitchen Curtains

Need to hide under-the-sink kitchen clutter? Use a valance curtain. Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I purchased two valance curtains for my kitchen. The curtains are red and tan plaid. I love red but have never had, or thought I would ever have, a red kitchen. However, red happens to be accumulating more and more in my little cottage cabin. I'm okay with it. In fact, it's becoming quite fun to plan and decorate. I hung one up on a tension rod under the sink. When my husband and I purchased our cottage cabin fixer upper, it also came with an old store counter that we use as cabinet space. So I hung the other valance curtain on a tension rod to cover the open side of the counter cabinet. I took a seam out of the valance to double the length, and the curtain fit just right.
Kitchen Counter Cabinet Curtain

Hide-the-Clutter Kitchen Curtains
The kitchen needs much work, but that will come later on our cottage cabin to-do list. For instance, the old tile in the kitchen has already been removed. Now we have a cement floor that we plant to paint or stain. Though we have much work ahead of us, it's fun fixing it up ourselves.
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Decorating with Black on Black Friday

Looking for ideas to decorate for the holidays? Create a new Black Friday holiday tradition: make your black furniture and accent pieces a part of Christmas decorating. Look at these lovely black holiday decorations:

Source: via Kylee on Pinterest

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

Beautiful! I love the black wine bottles with the lights and the festive black and white checkered stockings. And those Ho Ho Ho photo frames and pine cones are the cutest things. Of course, I love all of these pretties since I chose to display them for this Black Friday post.
Going Black Friday shopping? Please be safe, and have fun shopping. I think I'll get my black chalkboard paint out and look for black spray paint to try out on holiday decorations. Black and gold. Black and red. Black and white. Ooohh! Lovely. Inspiring.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beautiful and Low-Cost Christmas Decorating

Looking for low-cost, simple holiday decorations? Thanksgiving traditions often include setting up the Christmas tree and getting out the holiday decorations. This year I'm in the middle of fixing up our fixer upper with my hubby. Boxes filled with our things not currently needed are stashed in one corner of the living room. How in the world am I going to decorate for Christmas? Should I just forget holiday decorating this year? No way. Even if it's a little corner and my fireplace mantel, I can't miss out on the fun.
Last year I had fun making pine cone topiaries, painting terra cotta pots with chalkboard paint, and giving simple pine cones dipped with cinnamon oil. The year before that I dipped pine cones in various colors of hot wax. That was so much fun. It's a simple gift, but my friends that I gave them to have told me they save the pine cones and bring them out for Christmas decorations. Often, it's the little things in life that we do to bring joy to others that are so rewarding.

I'm trying to decide just how I'll decorate for the holidays this time with our renovation project beginning. So I've gone on a photo tour to get ideas. Join me on the tour:
I love this beautiful holiday decor...

A young lady was grabbing different kinds of nuts the other day in the grocery store. She looked at me and
said, "They're not for me. They told me to get these nuts because they're going to put them around candles." I don't know who "they" were, but I thought it was a neat holiday decorating idea. Then I saw this picture...

and more beautiful candles with silver...
Source: via Marisa on Pinterest

I love the rustic terra cotta and pine cones...

and getting creative to make your own Christmas tree with things around the house...

more pretty candles with leaves...

and pine cones with glittery stars...

I can't pass anything up with Joy:

More pretty candles...

Simply elegant and low-cost ways to decorate a fireplace...

...more Joy...
Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

and more simple elegance...

a natural look with greenery...

and I love this rustic one...

Christmas ornaments and pine cones are some of the simplest items to decorate with for Christmas. One of my favorite Christmas memories was decorating a Christmas tree with freshly popped popcorn that my daughter and I threaded then draped around the tree. We were so low on funds that year that we couldn't afford a Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve night we drove around town and happened to see a Christmas tree lot that had a sign, FREE! That Christmas tree was the largest one I've ever had. We had to cut part of it off just to get it inside the house. We had so much fun, too, decorating it with our simply popcorn.
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Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Rustic Kitchen Renovation

What is your kitchen style? Cottage, farmhouse, retro, modern, eclectic, rustic? Eclectic describes my current kitchen. When the old tile was ripped up, a concrete floor was revealed. This house is a fixer upper, a cottage cabin type. We are planning to paint the concrete floor. Let's take a tour to observe a few painted concrete kitchen floors:

Source: via Cami on Pinterest

How do you like concrete counters?

Source: via J on Pinterest

I just had to add this one with the pennies:
Source: via Traci on Pinterest

Which concrete floors and concrete counters did you like out of these?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Flowers

What flowers do you grow in your November garden? I love gardening and love autumn, but it seems at my cottage cabin the summer jumped right into winter. Some of the surrounding mountains already have snow. Ah, I know - PANSIES! Aren't they the loveliest little delicate flowers you've ever seen for a winter garden? I started off with planting three pansy groupings the other chilly evening. I'm wondering if there are any other winter flowers I can combine with the pansies. Hmmm...maybe I'll just have a pansy garden this winter. We'll see. In the meantime, check out the pictures on today's November search for November flowers to plant and enjoy.

Source: via Bobbie on Pinterest

10px; color: #76838b;'>Source: via Bobbie on Pinterest

Source: via Bobbie on Pinterest

Now for the pansies...

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Yes, I think a pansy winter garden may be the thing to do. What do you think?
Happy Gardening!
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