Friday, July 8, 2011

Inspiration from a Friend's Garden

Gardening is therapeutic, and walking through a thriving garden is inspiring. I have a friend who loves gardening and is quite successful at it. Her plants are older than mine and, therefore, much larger. I love to walk through her garden of many colors. Always, I return home from her garden inspired. Surely some day my plants and flowers will flourish like my friend's. I've included some photos from my last visit, so take a tour of some of my favorite flowers in my sweet friend's garden.
My pink and purple pretty flowers from my friend's garden.

Dusty Miller (Can't wait 'til my two little Dusties get this big-see mine in the next photo)
My little Dusty

Rabbit Ears (or Lamb's Ears)

Rabbit or Lamb's Ears (My friend gave me some cuttings of this, and they are still trying to make it.)
I hope you've enjoyed the tour through my friend's beautiful garden today. I'm so glad you visited me. Please come back again 'cause I love to hear from my blogging friends!

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