Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pink Polka Dot Boots

I love little girls' boots in gardens. Bright pink ones with polka dots. I had seen some in pictures and knew that one day I would see some at a yard sale, and I'd grab them for my garden. Yard sale after yard sale, no pink boots with polka dots showed up. But determination kept me looking. Finally, I went to a yard sale with my hubby, and guess what. I saw a pink boot in a box. Two would really be nice, I thought, so digging in boxes and throw-away piles I went. Surprise, surprise. More pink! I found the other boot. Now I have the cutest little girls' pink boots - and they have polka dots.

Not sure how flower-planting in the boots was going to turn out, I took my chance. In addition,, I stuck an old sink I'd found at a moving sale into the ground beside the boots. Something so small as planting flowers in odd sinks and little girls' boots bring the biggest joy to me.

Of course, I couldn't resist inserting the photo with my kitty, Patches. She was so curious about the boots and all that I was doing. Patches is another small thing that brings a big joy to my heart. She is a tiny thing and has the whiniest little kitty-cat meow. She loves to be held and petted - and loves my garden nearly as much as I do I think.

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