Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pink Desert Rose Franciscan Ware

Pink Franciscan Desert Rose dishes
Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

drew my attention as a young bride-to-be, and my favorite piece is the crescent shaped salad dish. That was in the 70's when my mother saved Big Bonus Stamps and Green Stamps. I think it was the Big Bonus stamp books that you could collect Desert Rose Franciscan Ware from. If you know which one - Big Bonus or Green Stamps, let me know. I listed the Desert Rose dishes at Nacol Jewelers in my city for the bridal registry and was fortunate to receive several place settings as gifts. The Desert Rose gifts and the settings my mother purchased for me with her stamps amounted to several settings, and I was delighted. I've used them through the years until my husband and youngest daughter and I began our RV lifestyle. The sad thing is that my set is now stored in an attic due to the RV lifestyle for many years. My mother knew I couldn't carry my Desert Rose dishes in the RV so for helping her at our annual family Christmas party she always hosted, she gave me a four-place setting of cups, saucers, and bowls to take along. I have cherished that special set and have enjoyed using it to serve on special occasions. My plan is, hopefully sooner than later, to get the dishes out of my parents' attic on one of my trips to their country home. I want to enjoy them and not save them only for special occasions. Desert Rose Franciscan dishes are beautiful on display, but they are more enjoyable when used.

Desert Rose collectors appreciate the Franciscan dishes that were made in California because of their mold and color details. The California version of these Franciscan dishes are more superior to the more current versions. Since the Franciscan Ceramics division in Los Angeles was closed in 1984, "Made in USA" Franciscan Ware is now a collectible. Franciscan Ware is now being produced in England, and the only hand-painted patterns not discontinued are the Apple, Desert Rose, and Fresh Fruit. They are all beautiful, but my favorite is the Desert Rose.
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Cozy Home Scenes said...

My mom got a set of those dishes in the 80's, and I remember when she bought them after looking at them several times in a local department store.

We had no idea they are now made elsewhere. Guess that explains why the newer ones are a different color and have a slightly different look than the ones she has.

I agree that if you really enjoy them, then it's better to use them than to let them collect dust in the attic. Hope you have a great "first meal" on your dishes when you get them back!

Have a wonderful weekend.


chubskulit said...


Please come see my Pink, when you get a chance. Happy weekend!

Patti said...

Hi, I've never visited your blog before, but when I saw this on Pink Saturday, I just had to stop by. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Desert Rose. It was my grandmother's only china pattern for years. It cannot help but remind me of her.

When she passed away, another family member called dibs on her beautiful china, but through EBAY, I've been able to acquire my own set..the vintage pieces from the 40's. Now, it's my everyday china, and that means, I think of my grandmother every time I sit down to dinner.

I hope you do pull them out and use them. They're too pretty to sit packed away in a box.


Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Yes, I've loved Desert Rose since my grandmother had a set! Then as a new bride ('70s) I chose this pattern for my very own! I still collect it and have found many unusual pieces Thanks for sharing!

Susie Jefferson said...

So pretty - and brings back lovely memories as my mother had this set.

Happy Pink Saturday and a hug from the UK!

Anonymous said...

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