Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cottage Pet Story Giveaway

Deadline: Saturday, October 15, 2011 at Midnight
Where is your pet's comfort hideaway?
Coziness in a cottage makes a family feel comfortable. But the family pets fit into that coziness somewhere. How do you make your pets comfortable in and around your cottage? Pets are funny. We teach them tricks, and they learn tricks from each other. We had a cat once that taught our dog, Bongo, tricks. He never figured out until she came along that it was possible to jump up on top of the back of the sofa - a not so lovely trick to deal with. But he managed to try it out himself. He must have liked that trick, though, because when my husband came home for R&R once from Iraq, Bongo tried that trick out in a different way. I had rented a beach house near Galveston, Texas for the family. One day my husband and I got in the car for a drive down the beach and took Bongo with us. My husband was driving, and I was sitting in the middle. Bongo was in the back seat. Suddenly, he jumped up in the front seat with us then decided that wasn't good enough. He jumped higher to the dashboard and plopped himself right in front of the steering wheel so he could have all my husband's attention. We were riding on the sandy beach with no traffic around, so it was safe.
A more recent incident happened this week. I had walked into the restroom and noticed a couple of my shoes knocked onto the floor from the rack. This four-shelf rack was outside. My husband and I painted it, and he moved it into the restroom for more storage. Shoes line the bottom two shelves. I thought my husband must have knocked the shoes onto the floor accidentally and thought nothing of it and put the shoes back. Two or three days later I heard a noise like someone putting on shoes. I thought it must be my husband but looked over and noticed he was in the living room. I couldn't figure it out, so I looked in the restroom. There was Bongo...moving my shoes from the rack onto the floor. He was making a cozy place to make himself comfy. Then I remembered another time he snuggled up to boots (see photo below). At least he isn't one to chew the shoes. For that I am most grateful. Now what about you? What pet stories do you have to share?

Another of Bongo's Comfort Hideaways

Have pet stories from your cottage? I'd love to hear them. Join this contest for funniest story, and you win a pet toy purchased at Petco. The stories will be judged by a panel of three people: my husband, one of my friends, and me.

Contest Rules:
  1. There is no limit to how many funny pet stories are told per person.
  2. Be sure to get your stories listed here before midnight on Saturday, October 15, 2011.
  3. You must be a follower of Southwest Cottage Designs to win this contest.
  4. There will only be one winner. Winner will be chosen by a three-person panel.
  5. Winner will be announced on Sunday, October 16, 2011 at Southwest Cottage Designs.
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Martha said...

My Little Man is my delight...when he was born during Katrina...this was the ugliest poor kitten you have ever seen...looked like one of the I decided to keep him because no one was going to want him. Best decision I have ever made. He has turned out to be a beautiful, kind, sweet, loving gentleman. My favorite thing he does is he spoons. I am an old divorced woman who sleeps by herself and he will jump on the bed, turn around a couple of times and literally fall down in front of my chest and curl up to go to sleep. All I have to do is tell him it is cold and he snuggles even closer. My own little personal heating pad. He has the most enormous, beautiful blue eyes. Check out his picture on my blog. I would be lost without him.