Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mediterranean Cottage Plans

Last weekend I looked at the first Mediterranean designed house plans for our "ugly duckling" cottage. I love the Mediterranean/Spanish style design, and our designer is taking my eclectic ideas to blend into a Mediterranean beauty of a house. That will include dormers and a wraparound porch. I love the Southwest Cottage blended design. 

As mentioned in an earlier blog, my husband and I purchased a fixer-upper house that was actually only a cabin. Though we loved the little place, it needs a great amount of work. We decided on a major remodeling. An investor friend joined the project with us, and we are planning to begin the work soon. My husband and our friend will be doing a lot of the work themselves. In the meantime I want so much to decorate the little place but am trying to stay focused on the Mediterranean dream home we will eventually have. I have dedicated this blog to the journey from Ugly Duckling Cottage to Mediterranean Cottage Beauty.

Have a happy day, and thank you for visiting my blog!


Tammy said...

Wish I could see the plans! Can't wit to see how it all turns out!

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

I will take a picture of what the front of the house looks like on paper next time we meet with the designer. If my camera (or the camera operator) takes an acceptable picture, I'll post the photo on Southwest Cottage Designs blog.