Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cottage Contentment

Have you remodeled a fixer upper? The little fixer upper I live in was built as a cabin in the early '70's. In its present state, there's not a thing cute about it. Last night as I was preparing this post, I began daydreaming about my "Ugly Duckling Cottage":

At this moment I'm sitting at my kitchen table (the ceramic tile project I'm currently working on), imagining the creative things I could do to the cold cement floor with stains where the old tile was ripped up. I see the pretty square floral and worn quilt I picked up recently for about $10 that is my kitchen curtain for now. Oh, yes, there are the two pretty five-shelf stands I found for $10 each at a yard sale last month. I browse through my favorite blogs and dream of what my little cabin could be. You see, this little cabin was purchased as a fixer upper to remodel and later sell. The week I signed the final papers to move in was the week my loving mother passed away. After her funeral I dedicated a little area to be my garden. Mother knew how to garden. Somehow, I never learned her gardening skills. But I tried anyway. That little vegetable garden became my refuge where I wrote my thoughts, cried many tears of grief, and began a healing process. Later, I began a flower garden, then another. My little flower gardens, two around trees and another along a fence, are now my inspirations. Mother loved roses, and I have planted rosebushes and a few miniature rose bushes with lavender plants mixed between them along with a few other flowers.

The fixer upper remodeling process has been slow, but my husband and I are working with a friend on this cottage project. The plans have been drawn for remodeling - our future Mediterranean cottage. A cottage can be a cabin, a small house, a lodge, or whatever you want it to be. Cottages give you that warm welcome as you walk in. You want to curl up on a comfy sofa or chair with a cup of hot cocoa with huge marshmallows melting in it and read a book. Serene white designed cottages. Flower gardens along the pathway to the front red door. Yes, I'm daydreaming again.

I'm trying to learn to be content with my current cabin cottage though I really want to fix it up now. The plans are nearly complete for the new cottage. With a little patience, I'll soon see the remodeling begin.


Tammy said...

Lovely post! I love the garden tribute to your mom. That is so sweet. I'm happy that you have plans and soon the process will begin! Happy remodeling!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love a good DIY project then once I'm in the middle of it I want it over as soon as possible! Good luck with your projects!