Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Beginnings

White flowers are thought of as purity, innocence, and beginnings among other beautiful meanings. Yesterday I began planting with sweet white alyssum along borders in my rock garden around a tree. The annuals like full to partial sun and tolerate arid conditions which is great for my high desert area. Though alyssum are tender annuals and are susceptible to frost, they can surprise you and thrive again after winter as a couple of mine have done. I got alyssum happy and planted two six packs in my rock garden around a tree. They'll look so pretty near my red salvia plant.

Here are my "new" pink gloves with the zinnias I also planted. Next on the agenda for next weekend is to put more red mulch in the rock garden. Incidentally, those nice new pink gloves don't look so nice and pink now. They have been broken in real well already this past week.
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Queen Bee's Musings said...

Enjoy seeing your efforts for spring. We are not there yet here in the Midwest. But love being encouraged by yours.
Yes white innocence white are used to represent a child also. Love those alyssum.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Love this post! The pink gloves are so cute! But worn ones are like a treasure too. Shows what work has gone into making your yard so beautiful. Please come work in my beds! I'll even buy you some new pink gloves!

Masha said...

I love alyssum too, I use all different kinds to edge my borders. I envy you your new gloves, I need new ones all the time.

Jan said...

Beautiful blog and I can't wait for our temps to warm up so my flowers will bloom :)

Marydon said...

Love alyssum ... we are just reucping from another 'spring' snow ... hopefully we are out of the slump of bitter winter this year.

Your gardening has me itchin' to diggin'.

Happy April PS ~


A Garden of Threads said...

Pretty pink gardening gloves. Have a wonderful PS.

Jori said...

Those pink gardening gloves are SO fun!!

I am your latest follower, Happy Pink Saturday!

Stitchfork said...

Still waiting on spring here. I like the gloves better with the used look!
xo Cathy

Sherry said...

I love that flower and your pink gloves are a perfect fit for spring! Thanks for linking it up!

Brandi said...

I could hardly wait for warmer weather so I could go outside and play in the dirt! I need a cute pair of gloves like yours, so my nails won't look so bad! I planted some alyssum seeds this year, crossing my fingers they grow as nice your plants!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your visit and for following along. I hope your garden does well! Have a wonderful weekend!

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