Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cottage Update

Since I began this fixer-upper project with my husband, we've experienced many changes and learned much from the project. We began the ugly duckling project with a friend who knows more about building than we do. More about that later. Now it's just my hubby and me. We feel like we just got married and bought a house but have nothing to go in it. We've been married for 31 years. We are loving it. It's fun. It's challenging, and we're up to the challenge. Hubby and I traveled for nine years in an RV for our ministry. What little furniture we didn't sell in yard sales before the on-the-road ministry is scattered. One daughter is using our bedroom furniture, hutch, and table. Dressers and mirrors,etc., are in two other of our family homes. So here we are starting over. We're giddy with the fun of it. More later...

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Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

How exciting! You must have some wonderful stories about your travels! Thanks for stopping by today.