Friday, June 17, 2011

Lean Times

The bride plans her wedding and chooses household items to set up an inviting home and kitchen for her new life with her husband. Somewhere along the way, she, like many these days, may experience lean times and have to become creative in meal planning. One can cook and eat frugally yet healthy with a bit of creativity. Listed below is a photo of a light and inexpensive meal with pink salmon. You can also fry pink salmon patties and make into a sandwich or serve with your favorite veggies. 

And how about these pink strawberries for a light and tasty snack when you're craving sweets?

Here's a pink creative way to serve popcorn:
Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

I've included this post in my wedding blog series after an interesting discussion today with my daughter, Chrissie, who is getting married in July. She reminded me of a lean time our own family experienced several years ago. We were full-time RV'ers for about nine years. This particular time was when we traveled from Bakersfield, CA to Omaha, NE, and we had a gap in our schedule. When you are a full-time traveling minister's family with a gap in the schedule, that means a period of time with no income. Add fuel and food expense to that. What do you get? S-T-R-E-S-S! The trip was one we would never forget. It was my first time to drive our diesel pickup while pulling our fifth wheel. When I drove, we were passing through Colorado. It was cold and raining. The curvy road was unfamiliar to me, and I was so relieved when it was my husband's turn to drive again. We didn't have time to stop and spend the night because we left Bakersfield on Thursday before Good Friday and had to be in Omaha by Easter Sunday morning. When we had almost reached Vail, Colorado, the summit was closed to trucks and trailers for several hours. Finally, when we could drive up the summit, we reached the top as a lady driving an SUV got our attention to inform us that we had a tire about to go flat. Nearly all the money we had left was spent on tire repair. We had enough to barely make it to Omaha if we didn't stop to eat anywhere. But we did have bread and cans of pork and beans. For the rest of that trip we ate pork and bean sandwiches. To my surprise today, Chrissie said, "I was so excited because I loved barbecue pork and bean sandwiches." Who would have ever thought pork and bean sandwiches could make a little girl happy? Today we laughed and laughed about that time.
Another fun creative thing to do is make picnic lunches or make lunches for work and take them in a pretty lunch bag. I have two lunch bags that I love which both have pink. Make your sack lunches fun, and your husband and children will love you for it.
Here are a couple of my favorite lunch bags with pink :

Chrissie also reminded me of a story we've told her about from the early part of our marriage when we used to eat at a place called Grandy's. We loved Grandy's, a country-style restaurant with the best rolls, butter, and honey, huge cinnamon rolls, fried chicken and southern sweet ice tea. We were so broke during that time that we would share one piece of chicken, a roll, and one ice tea. Other times we would share the cinnamon roll and ice tea. I think it was sometime about then that I found out my husband knew how to cook. Our cupboards and fridge were bare, and we bought ham lunch meat, cheese, and flour tortillas. He cut the lunch meat and cheese in small pieces, cooked them in a frying pan, and prepared ham and cheese burritos. We were living in East Texas and assisting at a small church. We hadn't told a soul about our lack of groceries, and one day we heard a knock on the front door. A lady from the church had come with four paper sacks full of groceries. Give, and it shall be given unto you. This evening while reminiscing lean and frugal times in my life, I keep thinking of a Bible scripture that is also a song I often played on pianos and keyboards and sang in churches across America, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to thine own understanding. But in all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path."
I am an author who loves to write and tell about comfort foods and entertaining in the home and other inspirational publications. I'd love to hear your favorite lean-time food memories, too. Indicate in the comment section whether or not you agree to allow me to quote your lean food story in future publications. I look forward to your stories.
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Jingle said...

yummy pink deserts,
your pink bags are also lovely.

Aunt Snow said...

Wonderful story. Lean times are hard to remember, but such a lesson we learn!

I love that lunch bag. My Pink SAturday post is about lunches, too!

Have a great weekend.

Sares said...

Yum. I'll take some of everything in one of those cute little bags! Happy Pink and have a terrific weekend!

Jenny's Heart said...

What blessings are revealed even year later, bean sandwhiches are a good memory your daughter has into adulthood.

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Angi,

I enjoyed your lean times story, and your pink food photos look mouth-watering. Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog, and I'm now a follower on your blog as well.