Thursday, June 23, 2011

Celebrating Friendship with Yellow Flowers

A yellow rose represents friendship. Yesterday, when I watered my garden, I was reminded of one of my very best friends in life - my mother. Mother loved roses, and one could always find roses in her gardens. Last year I planted a yellow rose bush in my garden in memory of her, and a yellow rosebud I saw made me think of a dozen yellow roses I once received from my mother and father years ago. My husband and daughter and I were traveling around the country in ministry and had just parked our fifth wheel at a church in Rochester, Minnesota where we would be staying for a week. By the second day I had become extremely ill and was taken to Mayo Clinic. I ended up needing major surgery. That was one of the strangest weeks I've experienced in my life. We didn't know the pastor and family or anyone in the church there. The pastor came to visit one day to bring flowers from the church which I was very appreciative of. Other than that, my husband and daughter would come up to the room every day and hang out with me as long as they could stand staying in the hospital room. I felt like I was in a foreign land. To my surprise one day while in the hospital, a dozen yellow roses were delivered to my room. They were a special delivery from my parents. I shall always keep that sweet memory. Friendship. I was blessed with parents who loved me and have also been my friends for life.
Yellow Rosebud - Sweet Friendship Memories

Doesn't my desert cactus look like a big foot with yellow and pink toes?
Pastel yellow is a favorite of my daughter who is getting married July 30th. I'm celebrating with yellow today with sweet memories of friendship with my parents, friendship with my daughter, and blogging friendship with a special lady.
It is common in the 21st century to meet new friends through blogging. I'm happy to introduce you to my new blogging friend, Debra.  She is the winner of the wedding ring quilt at Southwest Cottage Designs.

I asked Debra if I could feature her on my blog, and she has kindly agreed. Through interviewing her and reading her blogs, I've learned that she loves purr babies, knows a lot about quilting, and is a lot like me in that she works a day job with hectic hours and only has time to blog on the weekends. Take a few moments to visit her blogs.

Meet Debra:

Angi:  Do you blog as a hobby? 
Debra:  I started blogging when I started quilting so I could share with my sister my progress or lack of it. She is an amazing quilter and suggested I give it a try.  I am much better at fabric shopping than actually using it!
    Angi:  Do you blog purposely to connect with other quilters?
    Debra: I started noticing the wonderful things people were making and I wanted to learn it all. There are so many amazing talented people in blogland willing to share all of their knowledge. Maybe someday a retreat is in my future where I can actually meet some of these people.

    Angi:  What other hobbies do you have besides quilting?
    Debra:  I am an expert crocheter and would love to learn to knit someday. I have pretty much dabbled in everything there is crafty.

    Angi:  What is "Let's Bee Together" all about?
    Debra:  This is the first online virtual be I joined to expand my skills as a new quilter. Sometimes I'm still afraid to cut into others peoples fabric though, and scour Ebay to see if I can get a replacement if I mess up.

    Angi:  Do you have a tutorial on how to make a quilt project that you could share?
    Debra:  No tutorials from me but there are a ton out there I could recommend.

    Angi:  What do you like about blogging?
    Debra:  I read a ton of blogs which means mine actually is sadly neglected. I hope to remedy that in the future.

    Angi:  Are there any other blogging subjects you would like to include?
    Debra:  Not specifically but if you can think of it there's a blog out there for it!

    Thank you for visiting Southwest Cottage Designs today. Your visit to my blog and your sweet comments always make me smile! 
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