Sunday, April 22, 2012

Springtime Gardening

Springtime! New buds on plants and trees, flowers - and weeds - popping up. It's a beautiful season. Well, maybe not the weeds part of it. But even that part can be a good thing. Need a little push to start exercising? That's a good way to do it. Pull weeds.

New to gardening? Purchase a hula hoe to make weeding a bit easier. If you've never used a hula hoe, let it not fool you with the two prongs on the one side. If you scrape with the prong side, all you'll get are two lines drawn in the dirt. You use the scraper side that pushes those weeds out of the dirt except those crazy stubborn dandelions. Pull the dandelions up with a shovel. Then to save you from back strain, use a grabber to pick up the weed to place in your waste bin.

Visit a home and garden store or nursery for spring planting inspiration. Visiting without a list, though, could make a big dent in your pocketbook if you're not careful. The flowers are so vibrant and colorful that you'll want to buy one of each. So do a little research beforehand to see what grows in your garden's soil unless frugality isn't a concern. Then you can afford to experiment with flowers you haven't tried planting before.

Now go enjoy yourself strolling through the nursery aisles of flowers, plants, and trees. I find it to stir up creative ideas for gardening. Create your own gardening style. That's the fun of it!

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Mumsy said...

You still have dandelions! They are gorgeous..