Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cabin Cottage Christmas

The theme of Christmas this year in my cabin cottage is a simple one. Enjoy the special vintage finds I've recently come across. Bake in the new oven my husband bought me awhile back. Look at the side table with family pictures, Christmas photos of the past, and new family photos with Christmas cards - and hold close the sweet loving memories of fond pastimes. Play games. Do a puzzle. Read a book. Simply relaxing.

Here are a few photos of recent vintage things I've picked up and Christmas decorations of the fireplace.
The snowman and candy - gifts from friends

Fresh pink and red poinsettias-a gift from my hubby. Black candle stand a vintage find from awhile back. The PEACE LOVE JOY terra cotta pot I painted with black chalkboard paint. The needlework handmade by my daughter. All these bring joy to me on Christmas.

My daughter's beautiful needlework from years back. Sweet memories!

An old Bible I found at an antique store. Price: FREE!

A poinsettia plant I got for 25 cents at Home Depot.

The fireplace with more candles and "CHRISTMAS" spelled out. The vintage JOY plaque I picked up awhile back.

Christmas candy.
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