Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Idea Winner

Greetings! I've been away from my blog since a week before my daughter's wedding in Texas. As I promised, here are the photos...and... the winner for outside wedding ideas for my Wedding Ring Quilt Giveaway contest is:   Gail who said... Another idea.....quilts for table cloths...on the food table, gift table, cake table (this one might be an all white one). 
Honorable mention is: Tammy@Beatrice Banks who said...
Sparklers for the send off! My daughter, Chrissie, was married to her sweetheart on July 30 in Kemah, TX in a friend's back yard by the bay. It was beautiful! They chose to decorate their outside wedding with nature's natural color: trees, flowers, the bay, grass. Chrissie used a quilt top for the table with the guest book and picture of her and her new husband. (Note: My mom passed away three years ago. Since then I gave each of her granddaughters one of the quilt tops she had made. Chrissie used hers for the table. Another sentimental note is that Chrissie, her sister, one of her matrons of honor, and I made the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages and used ribbon and lace from a huge box I had saved that was Mother's. These special mementos made me feel like she was a part of the wedding.) Chrissie loved the sparklers idea! Due to the drought, there was a ban on buying fireworks. On the eve of her wedding after the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, the city held their last Friday night fireworks display on the bay - right where we were. So Chrissie got to have her sparklers after all - lots of sparkle! 
Beautiful Wedding Setting on Chrissie's and Elvin's Wedding Day by the Bay!
The Bride's Cake and Groom's Cake Combined! Bottom layers are the white cake, and top layers are the delicious chocolate with raspberry filling cake - made by the groom's professional cake decorator father!
Quilt Guest Book and Photo Table
Me, Mom signing the guest book.
Mrs. Chrissie
Happy Bride
Mr. & Mrs.
Mr. Fun, Chrissie's dad, taking a photo of the person taking his pic.
The makeover vintage dress. Now Chrissie's (shorter length)...was mine (when it was long).
The bottom layer of ruffles on mine was added to the back of hers.
 I hope you've enjoyed the photos of the bride and groom and their summer wedding on the bay photos!


Anonymous said...

She looks so happy and beautiful!

Gail said...
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Gail said...

One more comment, as I looked at the quilt again, it made me think of my grandmother, she made all her grandchildren a double wedding ring quilt for their weddings, except me. Instead she gave me another that I never understood until I became a quilter and figured out how she did it, it is very special and one of a kind, never seen another made like it. So now I too, have a double wedding ring, that could have been made by my grandmother. Thank you so much.

Gail said...
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