Thursday, February 24, 2011

Indoor Patio Kitchen

Mediterranean patios excite me! They're beautiful. My dream home coming soon is designed by Custom Designer Bill.

How do you fix up a fixer-upper when it is soon to be replaced by a new house? Fix it up! It doesn't take much money if any to make a place livable. Go to yard sales, Goodwill, and antique shops. Often at antique shops vendors are constantly moving things around or out to keep their stock current, and they'll mark things way down. That's how I got my baker's rack I've blogged about before. When money is tight but you want to spruce up your house a bit, go to Home Depot. Sometimes you'll find a gallon of paint for $5 or less, a color that someone decided they didn't like. And have fun. Creating your home out of not much to choose from can be a delight for the family.

If you've rented out a place before, then you know you don't always get the place back just like you rented it out. Our fixer-upper originally came with a stove when we purchased it. The stove was not the best. At least a couple of burners worked. Occasionally, the oven would work. A couple lived there shortly after we purchased the place. When they left, we noticed there was no stove to be found anywhere. Cooking in an electric skillet and a griddle has created the opportunity for me to enjoy interesting and fun recipes. Oh what a delight. Seriously, I'm loving it, especially the griddle.

My husband and I had lived the RV life for ministry work for many years, and I've been accustomed to making do with the minimum. Our appliances amounted to a propane stove and frig in the RV that is parked on the property of the fixer-upper. It has been quite challenging to fix up a cabin with no appliances, no furniture, and little extra funds to work with for a time.

I'm fixing up my kitchen like a Mediterranean indoor patio. The little house is a cabin just in case you're reading my blog for the first time. The cabin looks quite country in a desert setting. Though I would be perfectly happy to remodel the cabin without enlarging it, that's not the plan. The plan is to tear down all but a couple of walls, use the foundation, and build a new house.

The little kitchen is cute but needs much repair. Why repair when you're about to tear down? Right. So I'm having fun fixing it up temporarily. The kitchen tile was ripped up, and we have a cement floor now. I picked up an indoor/outdoor rug, like a bamboo type or similar. Then I cleaned up my card table from outside and brought it in.

I picked up a little country red vinyl tablecloth to go over it and pushed the card table underneath the stairs.

At Goodwill one day I found the cutest little musical staff hanger (for about $5) that I plan to use for hanging my flowers. At a yard sale I found two shelving units that look adorable and are oh so handy. At another yard sale I found this freezer (I'd been wanting a little freezer for the longest) for only $30. As mentioned in another post, I found a red and white check tablecloth at an antique store.

See those unsightly walls? Hmm...well it's a work in progress. Like I said, I'm having fun with it. As I lost my camera and am trying to learn how to take pictures with Mr. Fun's camera, my photos could use some help. I hope you enjoy the photos (hopefully, I'll find my little camera soon) and my little country cabin indoor patio/kitchen decorating fun.

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Donnie said...

We have had to make do many times in our 45 years together and i love to read how upbeat you are. Your new home is going to be gorgeous.

Sandi (Meme) said...

I'm going to join as a follower so I can watch the fun! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment and joining as a follower, I LOVE to make new friends! Hurry back to visit! Sandi